We work with stakeholders within your organization to ease system barriers, collect data, and deliver intelligence across departments for maximum ROI. Splunk helps break silos within a companies infrastructure by giving a single pane of view for all sources. The architecture can scale horizontally and vertically.


The familiar arguments of Correlation v/s Causation are repeated time and again, and we find that in case after case, organisations are misguided with the sheer quantity of data there is to correlate. We help organisations consolidate and correlate disparate data sources and visualize the intelligence on a ‘Single Pane of Glass’


Every project that involves data comes with security concerns of its own. We address and comply with these concerns  that impact your organisations ability to implement a wide-scale big data solution. Splunk follows every security requirement of an organisations infrastructure and ensure every aspect of it is compliant to its rules and specifications.

focus on what’s smart, big, simple

and let SmartCirqls do the digging



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