Insights beyond structured data

The world of business analytics is changing. In today’s data driven world, companies that rely only on structured data for business intelligence will find themselves at a distinct competitive disadvantage.

Data architects, business analysts, developers and IT leaders are expanding the scope of business analytics to incorporate new data sources such as machine data. Getting timely and relevant business insight from these new data sources as well as traditional structured data sources can be a huge value for the business.

business intelligence from disparate data sources


Splunk software complements existing BI technologies and traditional web analytics tools by combining machine data with structured data to deliver real-time insights into your business.

Digital Marketing Analytics: Gain actionable insights into marketing campaigns, user engagement and conversions across online and mobile channels.

Customer Experience Analytics: Digital, customer and web analytics teams can analyze user behavior to improve customer experience and drive monetization.

Product Analytics: Understand feature adoption, usage patterns and the effectiveness of changes to online sites or mobile apps in real time.

Business Process Analytics: Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility into business processes such as new service activation, trade settlement, and claims processing.


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Business Analytics at Dominos Pizza

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